Thursday, February 28, 2013

GPP in Progress - Feb 28

The top of the helmet is done.  Woot.  This, however has helped me to see that a number of the areas I've mapped out will have to be redone.  Things that are too small, eliminating sewings, trying to decide about doing a pattern instead of just a cloth weave.

I'm also STILL working on that altar cloth for the temple, but I've given up on the maze for Convention.  I was having issues with the pattern and I honestly don't think I can get it done by July 1 AND get Loki done by August.  On a bright note I'm now thinking of putting Loki in the fair.  Not that I think I'll win anything, but just for the cool factor. *shrug*

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Waiting for the UPS man.

I have one itty-bitty section of the GPP done.  And by itty-bitty I mean 1/8 of an inch wide and about 3 inches long.  It used 8 pairs and still wasn't quite wide enough for my taste.  I took one look at the pricking and realized I didn't have enough bobbins, even with the 24 pairs I'd borrowed from Marie, to do the larger section on the image.

What's a lace making geek to do?  Buy more bobbins obviously.  Nothing can stand in the way of a lace project once on the pillow.  Nor Loki and his army - don't even mention the Hulk Smash...that was just a little hiccup.

While I wait for my bobbins to arrive I doodled a cartoon, did a drawing, and got the other lace project pricking drawn.  Oh and survived 2 migraines. *smiles*

So here is the drawing - Slight of Hand.  Really need to make more art. Enjoy!

Van Sciver lace making suppler shout out!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I am Burdened with a Glorious (or crazy) Purpose

I am a lace maker.  I am a geek.  I am a geek lace maker.  Whilst watching Avengers (again) I got a good look at Loki's helm - along with Tom Hiddleston's face, but that's a topic for different blog.  On the side of the helm are a series of holes, ostensibly so that the actor could hear.   This pattern, which I can see on the screen, but can't get a screen shot of to share, caused a series of thoughts to occur in approximately 3 seconds.

"That looks like a Milanese lace braid"
"I could make that Milanese lace pattern"
"I could make the helmet in  lace"
"I could make a lace Loki"
"I could DO that!"
"Dude, I am SO doing that!"

Well, after much time putting together the right angles and working in Illustrator on my *bleeping* PC I have the following.  The flow chart Loki and the Pricking Template Loki.

In order to proced I needed a pillow, some bobbins, and thread.  I had lace on both my pillows and borrowed bobbins.  I have since spangeled all my bobbins . . .

and cleared my pillow of the Milanese moon.

 Which turned out nice for the first time doing this style.

I will do my best to document and share my Loki lace project for I, like the god of mischief, am burdened with a glorious purpose!    Or just a crazy idea.