Monday, April 26, 2010

Lady Guillotine

Today saw the arrival of my new cutter; Madam Guillotine. She is a lovely thing that will cut through everything I need to build more books. Okay, she doesn't cut through wood, but that's what the saws are for.

I have been struggling with the Davey's Board on my mat cutter and it just isn't woodcarving I basically have to use up a whole blade cutting one cover and I can't even guarantee that the cuttings are as exact as I want them. Not anymore! *muahhhhh* I can not have extremely strait boards . . . which means

BOXES! I can now make boxes as well as books *cheer* I guess this means it's time to order more paper and book cloth. oh darn *laugh*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yes, I made that

I have been making books for years; mostly for friends. In all that time I have never taken a picture of the books I've made. It's very Zen I think. I make something from nothing and then release it to the world.

I am thinking of really putting time into making and maybe selling books now that I have a studio. All I need is time.

If you have come here looking for a hand made book to buy it will depend. Send me a message and we'll see.