Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home Depot 1 Lowes 0

I have been trying to find 1/4 inch wood that's wider than 6 inches and that isn't a lament. Home depot has it in Poplar 8 in wide *Happy Snoopy Dance*. I think I'll still try to find an online source or see what that local cabinet store (if I can even find them open) has, but I can officially move forward with the Carol Berg rebind.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Teaching people

I have had another person say they would take a bookmaking class from me. I wouldn't charge $400 like the not-so-local Book Arts studio. They do, however, have all the lovely tool * mentally drools over the guillotine cutter*.

This has led me to think about all the "mad skills" that people have. I do believe that people should be compensated for their time and talents. Maybe I'm kidding myself about costs, but I do have a hard time, especially in this economy, charging a high price for a class. On the other hand people shouldn't expect to get it for free. I DID pay $350 to take a book arts classes. Maybe it's just the LDS culture I live in, people think you should give it away free. I don't know, but maybe teaching a class is in my future.