Monday, December 27, 2010


This last month has brought me a great many tatting gifts.  Threads and bobbins from Mom, books from Lisa, and shuttles from my dearest Rick.  I have tatted a snowflake from the "24 snowflake" book and will be picking a project out of the Mary Konier book.  I also received a tatted ornament from a fellow tatter as part of the Intatters Secret Santa exchange.

Another good thing is that I found the money to buy an imposer file and am now able to proceed with the Carol Berg book binding.  Fun stuff for the coming winter months!  I hope, now that the studio is heading back towards organization, that I will be able to make the growing list of books and such for my friends.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Exchange Pieces

These were made for a Secret Santa exchange. This angel turned out much better since I knew what I was doing.  The sunburst is a pattern by Tatbit called Floral Fantasy in Lizbeth size 20 - fall something - color #100.  Sorry about the state of the photos - I hate my camera.