Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little Tatting Lost

About a year ago I lost a bag of tatting.  It was a simple zippy, but inside was the first set of centers for an altar cloth and a bookmark for a friend.  I went to all the stores I had visited that day.  I asked and asked.  I check at the church. I turned my house inside out.

This afternoon I desided to make a quick run to the local needlework and yarn store; I needed black thread for a tatting project.  When I went to check out there next to the register was my little missing bag of tatting.  They had just found it this morning and tapped it up *boggle* 

A number of other happy things happened today.  It's a good day.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dead Cat Walking

My husband's cat knocked over my lace pillow.  Most of the bobbins were in their bobbin holders so they are still in the right order; HOWEVER, she broke some of the threads. I'm going to have to undo all I did yesterday and try to fix it...but I'm not sure I can.

I am not pleased.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cross Twist Cross Twist...keep going!

The GPP is well underway.  I've started into the horns and have chosen to do a "decorative" braid.  It isn't really showing up yet, but it is adding lovely texture. 

As you can see in the pictures I've also had to find some creative bobbin management solutions.  There are about 36 pairs on the pillow; 72 bobbins that have to fit and work in a braid that's less than an inch wide.  Yep, that's what you get for using size 100 silk thread.

I'm worrying, however, that it's not going to be done in 4 months.