Thursday, October 18, 2012

Star Spangled Bobbins

The set of spangled bobbins Mari lent me have glared at me for a week.  All fanned out on a tray table. Put in to pairs.  Begging to be used.  I had one problem - contact paper.

I knew exactly which pattern I wanted to try - Star with Star Ground - that we had done in guild two years ago.  It has very little sewings and looks lovely when done.  The problem was I couldn't find my roll of contact paper to cover the pricking and DH couldn't find any at the store.  This led to the cleaning up of my art studio . . . I know I know it needed doing too.  And Hazzah the paper was found, the pricking covered and the work begun.

Here is what I've found.  I pick the bobbins up by the spangles.  I have a hard time picking up the itty bitty shaft and find the spangle loop easier to grasp.  I've not seen anyone else do this so I know it's probably not "proper", but it's working for me.  I'm still not sold on itty spangled bobbins, but they do take up much less space on the pillow.

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