Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Woosh of Air

While it seems that the Carol Berg book project took all the wind out of my sails I assure you it did not.  I have been tatting oodles and oodles. . . of the same thing . . . over and over. 

I'm making an altar cloth for a temple and know that I've got to make a couple hundred of far I have 5 *LAUGH*.

I have also been writing, which some of you have read.  But unfortunately I've yet to work up an antagonist I like.  There are couple of fun scenes in which nasty things happen to my troop of main characters, however, no bad guy for them to thwart yet.

I've also been working up a list of Halloween and Chrsitmas projects.  Yep you read that right CHRISTMAS *mu ha ha ha ha*  I will be embarking on gift projects very soon.  Okay as soon as I find the floor in my sewing room.  DH bought me a large industrial shelving unit that now awaits the junk on my floor.  Cleanliness before projectieness.

I actualy wish I could start a craft club.  Like a book club only more fun.  We get together once a month and work on crafts, swap patterns, that sort of thing.  I know I know I go to a lace guild right now, but honestly I'd like people more my age.  *sigh*  some days I want friends...other days I love my hermitage.

Here's the skeleton I'm making for Halloween

Anyone want to swop ideas?

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  1. He's cute!

    I have no ideas, but K probably does!