Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crossing it Off

When I worked in theater costuming and we would be down to that last week before an opening a big list would be made of all that was left to do.  You put a red circle next to the item you were working on and then, when done, you had the pleasure to cross it out in black sharpie.  I love crossing things off lists.  To obliterate even the words on the list for an item.

Colorado is 3 weeks away and I have a HUGE list.  However, I am slowly crossing things off.
Here is this weeks done pile!

2 pairs of pants for hiking in Colorado - check
2 new outfits for Boo to wear in Colorado - check
Burp cloths and a swaddle blanket for cousins baby - Check
Roses and Peonies in the ground - check
Sprinklers fixed - check
House warming gift for friend who is moving - check
Carol Berg book done - I WISH  *laugh*  I just started sewing the signatures.

Things not on the list but that were accomplished this week:
My main character finally told me his name.  Tamasaburou Cainne.  Now if only I could figure out how a non-corporeal being can attack a solid structure in a life or death circumstances way - *laugh*

Pictures to follow!


  1. Do you call him Burou for short? :)

    P.S. "Solid structures" aren't all that solid. You know, all that extra space with electrons and neutrons and stuff. Lots to work with.

  2. Tom is his "most people call me" name. Though other later may call him Cainne to try and be insulting. He wont care.

    And I know there is space *sigh* it's that non-corporeal that's tricky.