Thursday, June 17, 2010

Suttleless Tatting

I'm working on a doily by the amazing Jon yusoff. It has three motifs that you tat together. I'm doing it in size 40 green (Christmas) variegated thread by HH Lizbeth. So my tatting is a lot smaller than the picture from Jon's site. It's lovely and when I get more done and my end hidden (which I stink at) I'll take pictures.

Last night I was adding a third clover circle when I got to the end of my thread; metaphorically, metaphysically and literally. Here's the short version.

There are 8 clovers, I just started the 7th one when I realized that I had made a join wrong in the 5th one. Do I cut it off and try again or undo all the tatting. (some may say tatting is undo-undo-able, but I've gotten very good at it) It would take me the same amount of time to tat anew as undo and fix so I chose to fix it. *sigh* I was near enough to the end of the shuttle thread that I just took it off for the undoing. Then I started to tat again. As I approached the 8th clover I found I had enough thread to finish, but not enough to loop it all around my hands like "normal" shuttle tatting. So what did I do?

Yep, I took it off the shuttle again and did it with two loose threads. It worked out and the tension is fine, but boy howdy was it a pain. I felt like it was me vs. the tatting.

Today I write fiction and work on the books.

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  1. Sounds hard. Maybe I won't get into tatting until I can't feel my hands anymore.